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Print Cylinder Refurbishment

Restores your print cylinders to like new condition.

Auxiliary Roller Refurbishment

We can refurbish the surface of most any roller or journal that needs repair.

We can refurbish chromes, coppers, micrometric (knurled bronze) for metering rollers, and stainless steel for fountain balls.

In-Place Frame Boring & Sleeving

If you have a worn out bore for a bearing or bearing box, we can fix it!!

In-Place Cylinder Repair

Dinged or dented cylinders? We can repair them in-place.

Parts Fabrication

Cant find, or the OEM doesn't make the part you need. We can help! We can fabricate most anything. From shafts to guards and even slitter bands.

Wear Resistant Coatings
Thermally applied coatings for a variety of erosive applications.